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By the time we are adults, most of us have been exposed to a variety of stereotypes and misleading images of tarot readers and fortune tellers. But tarot, in my loving opinion, is not some great mystery nor is it a cartoonish pageantry of fortune telling. It is a practical tool for broadening our understanding, awakening our creativity, accelerating our healing, and expanding our sense of who we are and what is possible. 

A Tarot reading is a radical act of invitation and initiation. It brings us right into the present moment and the better you truly understand and face your present, the more you can, in some ways, predict your future! This creates the possibility of accelerated healing and growth as well as empowered action. I often says that a tarot reading is like "express therapy" -- we figure out a lot of shit really fast!

Because a reading draws out our intuition, imagination and insight all at once, you can expect to leave your reading feeling more grounded and more clear about your most important next steps. A reading expands our capacity for creative problem solving, allowing us to come to brand new solutions and perspectives. This makes tarot a powerful tool to strengthen both our spirits and our community as it shakes us fully awake to the possibilities within us and the world!

60 minute readings are offered at a sliding scale of $65-$155. 30 minute readings are $35-$75. The sliding scale for any reading starts at $30 for all BIPOC folks. All payments are made at the time of the reading, you will not be expected to pay when you book your reading. 

Due to Covid all readings take place over Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or a good ole fashion phone call! 

Please e-mail me with any questions.

Every reading comes with the option of a personalized Flower/Gem/Land Essence blend made specifically for you based on energetic information I glean from the reading for $10. The essences are little guides and touchstones, helping you integrate the wisdom and visions from your reading.

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