"Myths provide ways of comprehending experience; they give order to our lives." - Lakoff & Johnson, Metaphors We Live By

A Tarot reading is a radical act of invitation and initiation. It brings us right into the present and opens a space where we can play in our moonlight, in those spaces and powers within us often ignored, silenced or shamed. 

Tarot invites our intuition, our imagination and our most insightful visions to all come out and play at once! This makes Tarot a powerful tool to strengthen both our spirits and our community as it shakes us fully awake in the presence of the limitless possibilities within us and the world.

Meaning combined with myth is humanity's unique superpower. We love stories. Stories give us language to know ourselves better. We are wholly enstoried creatures. While we'd like to think we experience the world either subjectively or objectively -- the reality is a lot messier. We are metaphorical creatures, containing symbols and creative narratives that we use to order and engage the world around us. Tarot broadens our view by speaking directly to our metaphorical mind, inciting us to creatively imagine new possibilities for our life. It invites us to a explore a moon's eye view of ourselves. It enriches our narratives, and links us to both a collective history and to our selves, thereby expanding the possibilities of who we become.

Readings are sliding scale $90-130. Please e-mail me to book!


Every reading comes with the option of a personalized Flower/Gem/Land Essence blend made specifically for you based on energetic information I glean from the reading for $10. The essences are little guides or touchstones, helping you integrate the wisdom and visions from your reading.


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