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Spiritwork is a healing craft that has emerged organically over 15+ years of training in natural medicine, clairvoyance, shamanism, plant communication, ecotherapy, Reiki, and other spiritual modalities. It is a very tender gift from Spirit to me and from me to you. With the help of deep meditation, Reiki, plants, poesy, and spirit guides, I do a reading of each of the major nerve & muscle centers of your body and we move into a gentle exploration of what is emerging in you and asking to be seen, translated, and transformed. 

Spiritwork allows us to move into a uniquely vast and grounded way of knowing so that we can take practical, informed, potent action in our life. Basically, it's a great way to get really solid advice! These sessions are a powerful invitation to be reawakened to the unfurling and entwining threads of your life, a way of clearly seeing yourself, your story, your gifts, your struggles and your next steps. 

A Spiritwork session is a space to affirm boldly that you are body, emotion, mind, and spirit all at once! You are mystic matter! 

Spiritwork sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $90-$200 for a 1.5-2 hour Spiritwork session. Most people offering these types of readings charge closer to $300 but I am extremely passionate about accessibility. If you need additional support in affording a session please be in touch! 

Please email me with with any questions! 

Spiritwork: Service
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