Spiritwork is the co-creation of a sacred container so that we may both better hear the voice of spirit, the voice of your true self, and the voice of your intuition. Spiritwork is a space to affirm boldly that you are body, emotion, spirit at once! You are mystic matter!

Spiritwork is true healing craft where we invite our egos and personalities to leave the room so that we may be more receptive to deep, expansive, unconscious healing. These sessions are a powerful invitation to be reawakened to the unfurling and entwining threads of our lives and to see how those threads connect us to more ancient stories. Spiritwork allows us to excavate and radiate our innate wisdom and knowing.

My job is simply to be a guide into and among the sacred. With the help of deep meditation, Reiki, plants, pulse work, and stones/gems, we move into a gentle exploration of what is emerging in you and asking to be seen, translated, and transformed.

$65 for an hour+ session. Contact me for more information or to book a session! 


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