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"The Moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It's always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do." 
-Tahereh Mafi


"There is something that happened in my reading with Meghan that I never expected, I'm not sure how to even articulate it! I felt involved in my life like I never have before. I saw the story of who I was and where I was going with such refreshing clarity."

-Erich S.


Moonseas is a declaration of the invisible, of your intuition, your quietest dreamscapes and your most empowering visions. It is an invitation to wander into your sacred mystery.

A phenomenological wasteland with no glow of its own, the Moon, like a Tarot card, invites our dreams, metaphors, intuition and visions to come play and thereby mirrors our light back to us. There are seas, lakes, marshes and bays on the moon. The seas, or lunar maria, are large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth's Moon, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. Beautifully, the Moon's waterless water features are named after states of mind and universal experiences -- The Sea of Tranquility, Sea of Cleverness, Sea of Crises, Sea of the Edge -- the moon reads like a deck of Tarot cards!

This particular planetary nomenclature perfectly captures our numinous Moon, whose mysterious waterless seas have inspired myth and meaning through eons of interaction with the humans it shines on. In this way, the Moon is in kinship with Tarot! The Tarot speaks to us in mystical symbols with universal meaning and thus links each person under the Moon's glow with the synodic spirit of our shared inner seas.

Moonseas is the sweet embrace of luminous darkness. Here, you have full permission to be ever-changing, to be in flux, to be mysterious, to ebb, to flow, to be strange, and to be otherworldly.













Tarot reveals the mythology of the moment so that we may consciously inhabit the legend of our lives!



I am a tarot reader, intuitive, spiritual coach, witch, mindful movement teacher, animist, plant friend, holistic nutritionist, abortion doula, Reiki Master, and animal wellness consultant living in Portland, OR.

My work is rooted in the wisdom of my pre-Christian European ancestors, specifically the Scandinavian Völur, the Germanic Segenoerinne, and all those initiated into fjölkynngi, or spirit knowing. My offerings exist in the long, long, tradition of Cunning Folk, Seers, Witches, and folk healers of all kinds who served an integral role as helpers and healers for their communities. The work I do is a remembrance and a reclamation as well as a response to the global history of colonial violence that targets indigeneity, animism, embodied elemental magic, ancestor reverence, plant medicine, land-based spirituality, queer magic, BIPOC magic, midwifery, womb magic, animals, animal spirits, land spirits, water spirits, plant spirits and land-centered community. My work with plants, tarot, and healing is my heart & soul devotion to what has been lost and to all that can never be lost.

I am passionate about play, laughter, tenderness, unlearning civilization, and learning to hold each other through our toughest moments and hardest lessons. I live with C-PTSD and chronic illness and my commitment to healing and transformation begins with that deeply personal understanding and gentleness.

All BIPOC folks are offered sessions at a sliding scale. I am happy to talk with folks before a session if you have any questions.

My office is located in NE Portland is wheelchair accessible, temperature controlled and scent-free. There is one 5 inch step into the front door. It is a bright, calm, and quiet space. There is a bathroom that is also wheelchair accessible but has no support rail next to the toilet. I usually burn dried plants for clearing/opening so please be in touch if you are sensitive to smoke. There are different sturdy chair options and a couch. I'm also happy to hold any sessions on the floor if that is more comfortable for your body. Please reach out if you have any questions at all. 

Let's hang out in moonlight together!